Music & Performing Arts


Here you will find everything you need to keep your music and performing arts 'rocking'. There will be week by week activities and tasks along with a bank of resources and ideas to keep you busy. If you have instrumental lessons usually, your number 1 priority will be to keep practising your instruments and there will be lots of opportunities to use your instruments in our weekly tasks too. You can always try Mrs Mudd's recorder club too!

Most importantly please share whatever you do. There will be a section in google classroom for you to upload your photos, videos, recordings so that we can celebrate everything you've been up to.

The FABULOUS Mrs Floyd has put together a fabulous selection of some 'Brilliant Pieces' of music for you to enjoy. She has given a bit of background on each piece so you can really get stuck in. ENJOY!

Brilliant Pieces

Juniors, we're putting on a show!!

Year 5s will know that they were meant to be putting on a show this term and will have been disappointed not to have been able to. But guess what... we're going to do it anyway!! Year 3 and 4, we're going to need some help from you too so please get involved!!

Here are some clips of some of the songs in the show PANTASTIC! Before we know exactly how this is going to work, I need to know who wants to be involved (hopefully lots of you!) There will be speaking roles, chorus singing parts and lots more...

Please complete the form below by Wednesday, I need as many of you gorgeous people as possible!!

Week beginning 11th & 18th May - Let's get creative with character!

Mrs Mudd explains all in the video below... All submissions via the google classroom please. (Next recorder lesson is up too!)

Drama project intro.mp4
Creative Arts project

Week beginning 4th May - Music & Dance - The Nutcracker

Over the coming week's we'll be looking at different examples of 'Programme music' Music that is meant to inspire stories or images. Watch this introduction from Mrs Mudd first....

Nutcracker intro.mp4

When you've watched this video, hop over to BBC Bitesize for a great programme on making the music come alive with performance and then another on two movements from the suite: Waltz of the Flowers and Russian Dance.


Nutcracker inspired Art ideas

Week beginning 27th April - NHS Heroes project

This week's project is linked to the NHS heroes campaign. Musicians all over the country have played the famous Over the Rainbow tune whilst millions of others have clapped and celebrated the great work of the NHS.

Please click the link below and watch the video for instructions on how you can take part, whatever your musical ability.

(Year 4s are experts at this song already so I'm really hoping you guys can lead the way for the juniors with this!)

When all work is submitted, I will edit it into a music video for all to enjoy!

Please submit all entries for this in google classroom by Saturday 2nd May.

Week beginning 20th April - Spooky music!

Bach intro.mp4

Watch this video first for a brief introduction. Then go to this page and watch the video with the spooky house!


  1. Try playing the opening tune - watch this video for help. Parts for each instrument here... (make sure you choose the right one - instruments are listed in the file name) Here's what it should sound like.

  2. Create your own spooky music. For this you could use any recording software such as garageband or audacity. Garageband has lots of different loops and sound effects already on it. Audacity will require you to record your won. Think about different effects you can make using your voices or any instruments/household appliances etc... ANYTHING GOES!!

  3. Whilst listening to Toccata and Fugue, draw or paint a picture of the scene that you envisage. What images does is conjure? What emotions do you feel? Are there any characters in your scene? What are they doing? Is it dark or light? Think about colour and mood.

You can listen to the entire piece for organ here.


Here's a Year 5 having a go at playing some of it on our school organ!