Over the Rainbow

This week's project is linked to the NHS heroes campaign. Musicians all over the country have played the famous Over the Rainbow tune whilst millions of others have clapped and celebrated the great work of the NHS.

Please click the link below and watch the video for instructions on how you can take part, whatever your musical ability.

When all work is submitted, I will edit it into a music video for all to enjoy!

Please submit all entries for this in google classroom by Saturday 2nd May.

Rainbow intro.mp4

I would love for EVERYONE to submit at least one of the following via google classroom (but the more the merrier!):

  • A video/recording of you singing 'Over the Rainbow' using the tracks and recording technique provided below.

  • A video/recording of you playing 'Over the Rainbow' on your instrument using the tracks and recording technique provided below.

  • Video footage of you playing/clapping the NHS on a Thursday evening at 8pm.

  • If you'd like to use music technology to create your own additional part, (perhaps some percussion, beat boxing or synthesised parts) using GarageBand, please let me know and I will share an editable file with you. I'm afraid this can only be done directly.

  • Any video footage of you working on this project either singing, with an instrument or at your computer would be very useful too.

After you have watched the video, choose which part you'd like to play or sing.

STEP 1: Download and practise the sheet music for your instruments as follows:

Singers - Vocal part

Instruments in C - Violin, flute, oboe, recorder - Tune part / Harmony part

Instruments in Bb - Clarinet, trumpet, Tenor sax - Tune part / Harmony part / Easy part

Instruments in Eb - Alto saxophone - Tune part / Harmony part

Instruments in F - French horn - Tune part / Harmony part

Bass instruments in C - Trombone, cello, bassoon - Bass part

Guitars - Chords / Tab

Easy Violin/Easy RH piano part

STEP 2: Download the demo track to play along to:





Easy violin/RH piano

Vocal part

STEP 3: Record your part either be videoing yourself or using a sound recorder

(video would be better...)

Please remember, it doesn't have to be perfect! I can do a lot in editing!!