DT challenges

We encourage you to photograph/display your work. Please upload photographs or videos to the Creative Arts Seniors google classroom.

Seniors can choose any or all of the following challenges.

  • Senior ball run – Make a ball run for a ball of your choice. This can be inside or out. The ball must run the entire distance by itself without your assistance. You should time your run from start to finish. If you enter your best times and take a video of your ball run we can see who wins the prize for the longest.

  • Design a garden tool that would help an elderly person.

  • Design a fancy party food of your choice. (eg. make a cake and decorate it. Design your own pizza). Don’t forget to photograph it before you eat it!!!!

Ongoing work from last term if not already completed...

Year 6

Design and (if possible) build a den that can house up to 4 people. Make sure you take photos of your den and make sure it is waterproof.

Draw a very neat map of your imaginary SOS island. Remember to name your island and PRINT the names for the areas on the island.

Year 7

Design a Superyacht and don’t forget to name it. Research designs

and Eco ways of powering it.

Produce hand drawings of your named Superyacht:-

A side view of the yacht.

A plan view of each deck of the yacht.

A front and end view.

Label and colour with crayons carefully.

Extension: Use a draw programme to create a computer image of your superyacht.

Year 8

Draw an Orthographic Projection of a Catapult.

Four hand drawings showing side, plan and end views.

Extension: Produce a CAD drawing of the same.

Design a Superyacht and research eco ways to power it. See year 7 task.