Year 1&2

Here, you will find details of live singing sessions, themed activities will be suggested for each week of learning and a song bank of favourite songs to dip into when you just fancy a sing-along! There will also be a programme of recorder lessons which you can download if you have a recorder at home.

If you'd like to demonstrate any of your work by sending in a video or recording, please feel free to upload it via the Creative Arts google classroom. There'll be a place for each year group week by week.

This week's events...

KS1 sing-a-long assembly - Thursday 10.00am

Week beginning Monday 1st June

Peter and the wolf

This term, we're going to be talking about instruments of the symphony orchestra. Here is a fabulous performance of 'Peter and the Wolf' which introduces the characters of the story using some of those instruments. After watching the amazing instruments you might like to see if you can recognise the sounds of the instruments without seeing them in this cartoon version, with the fabulous David Bowie narrating. HERE

If you'd like to get crafty this week, I'd love to see some Peter and the wolf puppets. You could try making a puppet theatre out of some recycling and act out the story whilst you play the music in the background. Maybe make a film of it on zoom for your relatives or friends!

Week beginning Monday 18th May

Year 1 & 2- Body percussion

KS1 body perc.mp4

Here's a little introduction to body percussion - and a fun game. Very useful if you don't have any 'actual' percussion instruments at home.

Year 1 & 2 - Cartoons

Watch this video about how Walhampton is getting involved with a Guinness World record attempt on Thursday by being part of the world's largest art lesson! You can try some of Rob Biddulph's mini lessons by visiting Draw with Rob.


Week beginning Monday 11th May (recorder lesson 3 now live!)

Year 1 - Song for a banquet!

Year 1 food song.mp4

Year 2 - Another Anansi song!

BBC Anansi.mp4

Year 1 - Dragons and knights

For some musical movement this week, visit Justin Fletcher again for some King Arthur inspired movement!

Year 2 - Anansi performers.

If you'd like to sing this week's song all the way through without stopping and hear a new Anansi story, click here.

Also, here is a short clip with some traditional Ghanaian dancing . Click here.

Year 1 - Dragons and knights

I know that Miss Stuttle has set you some castle designing for your topic work this week so you'll be very busy crafters. Do have a look at last week's dragons and knights ideas if you haven't done so already.

As our song is all about food this week, I though you could see some art by famous Food artist, Guiseppe Arcimboldo. Have a look through these slides to see some of his art and then see what you can create at home!

Guiseppe Arcimboldo

Year 2 - Ghanaian and African art

After your work on the Maasai tribe you might like to make your own African tribal mask. use the template here and decorate it however you'd like! Send me photographs of your 'tribe' at home!

For the mindful colourers out there, here are some mindfulness colouring sheets you can download.

I would thoroughly recommend playing this excellent song called 'Africa' on while you colour (this might be more for the adults!)

Week beginning Monday 4th May

Year 1 - Dragons and Knights

Year 1 4th May.mp4

Year 2 - Ghanaian music

Year 2 4th May.mp4

Year 1 - Dragons and knights

This week's art challenge is to have a go at making a Brave Knight collage using some tinfoil. Or if you'd prefer you can use these cutouts or your own materials ( a loo roll would work well) to make some dragons. Some examples below for inspiration...

Year 2 - Ghanaian and African art

Use this guide to have a go at making your own African sunset art and then try these cutouts to add to your scene. Examples below...

Year 1 - Dragons and knights

For some musical movement this week, visit Justin Fletcher for some Castles inspired movement!

Year 2 - Ghanaian performers

Watch these school children singing our new song Kye Kye Kule

Then have a good old boogy to this modern, Ghanaian pop music!

Art with Mrs Mills

Mrs Mills has kindly recorded her art lesson with our pre prep key worker children. If you'd like to follow what they did, here's her step by step video.

JM Pre prep.mp4

Week beginning Monday 27th April

This week's creative challenges are for both Year 1 and Year 2.

  • Mrs Mudd's recorder club - If you have a recorder at home, do have a go at the recorder course. It's a great introduction to playing the recorder which is easily transferable to lots of other instruments. We also cover basic note reading and writing of music whilst playing some funky tunes! If you're interested in getting a recorder they can be purchased, very reasonably from many musical stockists (delivery times may vary!) but this would do very nicely!

  • NHS Heroes Community project - I am working on a Walhampton community project linked with the NHS heroes campaign. The prep school children are singing and playing 'Over the rainbow' as well as sending in footage of the Thursday evening clapping. Please see more details here. There are lots of aspects that your brilliant kids could do to contribute.

I don't know about you, but I am missing having a classroom full of musical instruments! I challenge you to make your own musical instruments this week. There are some great ideas here but you can be as imaginative as you like. Think about whether your instrument is going to be pitched (can play different notes that you could sing) or un-pitched (just plays sounds). Bring your creations along to our singing session on Thursday and play along with our songs!

Week beginning Monday 20th April

This week's Creative Arts work is all based on your classwork. Year 1 are learning about Castles and Year 2 are reading the story of Anansi the Spider in English.

If you have a recorder at home. Try lesson one of Mrs Mudd's recorder club. Click here.

Year 1 - Have a listen to this piece of music called 'Greensleeves'. People believe it was written by King Henry VIII himself! Think about what instruments you can hear as you listen and how the music makes you feel.

As you listen to the music I'd like you to draw me a picture of what you imagine. Think about whether the music makes you feel happy or sad, who might be with you, and where you are. Id love you to show me your work by either taking a photo of your picture or a video of you and your picture, describing what you have drawn. Upload it to the google classroom when you're done. Use youtube to find other versions of Greensleeves if you like.

Year 2 - To go with the book you're reading in English, learn this great song with Mrs Mudd about Anansi the spider. Click here for tutorial video and when you've done that try it all the way through here.

Feel free to send a video of yourself singing the song!

Year 1 - Draw your own pictures of characters you might meet in a castle, colour them in and cut them out. Tape a lolly stick, pencil or straw to the back of each one so you could use them as puppets. You could use this sheet if you'd rather, or to give you some ideas.

Year 2 - See if you can make your own spider out of things you can find around the house. Raid the recycling bin and see what works. Make sure you ask a grown up for help if you're using scissors. There are lots of ideas on youtube if you get stuck. Be sure to photograph your spiders so we can all see!

Year 1 - Use your castle puppets (see above) to act out a story set in a castle. Perhaps other members of your family would like to join in. Think about something exciting that might happen in your story and if you can, do film it so we can all see your work!