DT challenges

Juniors can choose any or all of the following challenges.

  • Garden design – Make a model of your garden at home using materials of your choice or design your own imaginary garden. This can be done either inside or outside. Make sure you do a plan first!

  • Den building – have fun outside making a den. Build some furniture for your den.

  • Use a construction kit ( eg. Lego) to build transport to take people to the moon.

  • Design, make and decorate fancy biscuits. Don’t forget to photograph them before you eat them!!!!

Ongoing work from last term if not already completed...

Year 3

Design and make a boat out of recycled materials to take part in a race over a length of the swimming pool.

You may get your Mums or Dads to help.

Find a suitable shoebox lid (ready for next term) to make a marble run. Have a trial run at home.

Year 4

Design and build a fantasy machine out of recycled materials that can help our planet.

Have a go at building a kite.

Year 5

Draw a plan of your bedroom. Try and get the room and furniture to scale as best as possible. Use crayons to colour.

Draw a plan of a home you would like to build.